John Muyskens

Envisioning Information






I am a computer science undergraduate at Calvin College (graduating December 2014). I am interested in information design, from data visualization to user interfaces to graphic design. Bret Victor, Edward Tufte and Mike Bostock inspire me. My favorite tools include Python, JavaScript, D3.js and Angular.js. I am the print editor of Calvin's school newspaper, Chimes. My other interests include listening to music, reading and biking.

Published Work

  • Calvin students design new resource for ordering textbooks

    I wrote a story about how Calvin students built a website to streamline the process of buying textbooks.

  • Peter Diamandis speaks about the consequences of an abundant future

    I interviewed futurist Peter Diamandis. We discussed the future, creativity, education and his childhood.

  • Grand Rapids GiveCamp

    I wrote about a local hackathon that benefits non-profits.

  • Calvin participates in worldwide fractal construction project

    I covered an effort by one of my math professors to build a Menger sponge out of 70,000 business cards.

  • Largest ever Mersenne prime number discovered, has millions of digits

    This was my first attempt at math writing for a popular audience.

  • Professional programs show increase in enrollment

    I co-wrote, conducted interviews, and contributed graphics to this article on academic trends at Calvin College.

  • Calvin website redesign targets mobile devices, prospective students

    I wrote about a redesign of Calvin's website.